What is Zipang Casino?

After registering at Zipang Casino, I am striking an online slot like everyday, but today I would like to do “JEKYLL & HYDE” with my recommendation from a friend.
I was worried a long time since I found a mark with “New appearance!” A while ago, but there were lots of other slots I wanted to hit and I was postponed.

Recommended slot slots of Zipang Casino

When loading the game thinking what kind of feeling it is, it is quite a suspicious atmosphere and it is a slot of a feeling quite likable. I like the horror-like atmosphere like this. As soon as you start to hit, there is a button called Feature Bet next to the regular bet button! I do not know well, first check the slot details. Apparently, turning on feature bets would make the scatter up more powerful instead of doubling the bet amount, making it easier for free scans to enter. I thought that it was interesting, turned on the feature bet and started beating. Since we had made a bet for 1 dollar, we are starting with a total of 2 dollars on Feature ON.

While continuing to strike while enjoying a horror atmosphere for a while, rush into the first free spin today! It is the start by selecting “Dr. Jekyll spin” from two kinds of free spins. I will ask Dr. Yo! While watching while watching, Wild got involved with cancer and high dividends came out, resulting in a prize money of 97 dollars! It’s magical …! Dr. Jekyll! That is why I just started to beat but it has become quite fun (lol)

And after the free spin, as soon as you are turning with auto play you get scatter x 3 again and win three spin! Because the feature is turned on, it is considered that the scatter on the frame is also established. I was surprised to know why I went for free spins (laugh). And this time I will choose “Mr. Hyde” and watch. However, during this spin, only the wild increases, the role is not complete …. Eventually, the scatter came four times without free prize money and the free spin ended. Winning prize money is about $ 11 ….

Well, keep on striking as to whether there is such a thing, scatter is also aligned afterwards! After all the feature is amazing. I chose Dr. Jekyll forever and I won about 200 dollars as a result! I got a lot of free spin acquisition from 11 to 93 dollars, but it was pretty fun because the credit was increasing as the ponpons gathered up anyway. I withdrew at $ 200 today, but since I registered as a favorite properly I think I will try again next time.