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Jackpot City Casino points different from other casinos

Jackpot City Casino is a well-established on-line casino in online casinos that people know. Jackpot City Casino operates under a license issued by the Republic of Malta and this license is famous for getting quite severe.

Under the strict examination, it is not possible to retain a license that can not be acquired unless the conditions are not cleared, as well as to receive continuous audits, it is impossible to keep holding unless it keeps sound and reliable operation.
So, since the early stages of online casino, Jackpot City Casino, which has been steadily operating, has earned the trust of many players and continues to operate as a long-established online casino.

It is also one of the online casinos that are also trusted by Japanese people, as well as being able to receive bonuses for players and receiving support with peace of mind.

You can enjoy official games of famous movies!

At Jackpot City Casino you can play with high quality casino games. Because game content is provided by micro gaming company which is major player as a game company.
This microgaming company has developed official games such as Jurassic Park famous for movies and Tomb Raider, and its development power and corporate power can be seen.
It is this jackpot city casino that you can play movies and other things that you can watch and play with slots.

Welcome Promotion for $ 1600

Jackpot City Casino’s promotion is to say anything is a deposit bonus that lasts from registration until the fourth time. These total earnings bonus amount is how much is $ 1600! This is a bonus amount not available for other online casinos.
In addition, there are daily bonuses that arrive everyday, and promotions that can be expected to be used as much as you can use a bonus to random players.

There is no cash limit! On-line casino with high cash on hand

There are also points that there is no restriction on cash as a point different from the usual on-line casino.

This is because ordinary online casinos are stipulated to refer to the amount that can be cashed in a month, no matter how much money you win, you can not cash the amount above the upper limit unless you spend time .

However, with this jackpot city casino, it is possible to cash in bulk regardless of how much you win.
This is nothing but a flip side of this large jackpot city’s scale and the strong financial capability.
Even winning a lot of money, overnight celebrities, it is a good story in this jackpot city.


Deposit Bonus
Gifts being held!