What is KACHIDOKI Casino?

KACHIDOKI Casino is an overseas online slot site.
At first glance there is nothing in the Japanese slot site, but it seems to be a casino properly, gambling is in dollars, money to win is also dollars. It is different from Japanese pachislot from the fundamentals.
It will also greatly affect the amount of money to be reduced. Recently Japanese pachinko industry does not know how much it costs 100,000 yen for 3 hours, but I am tied up with the amount we can earn. And it is a rumor that it will fall further by half this time.
It is such a gambling situation in Japan, but overseas it has no impact.
Because there is no tied to the amount that can be earned, it seems that there are cases where winners can get nearly 2 million per month. I’m jealous …

KACHIDOKI Casino Recommended Slot Experience Story

In KACHIDOKI casino we chose Jackpot Jester.
This casino seems to be popular such as the Japanese style pachislot festival and the pachinko ocean story, but I will introduce this slots that are daringly daring.

Since this was the first time that there were two slots in the top and bottom slots, initially I could not understand how to do it. However, because there was help written in Japanese, I was able to manage the specification somehow.

As I played with 20 bets, I got three bells in a couple of times, so I won a slot at the top using credit worth.
Although I just turned it normally, I feel that the beating of the heart became intensely intensely because I got two of 7.
I pushed the third while taking a deep breath, but I regretly did not get it. It probably was useless, so maybe he did not win.

Since it was thousands if it hit it, I decided to take a break for a little because the shock was big. After a small pause, I tried challenging the slot above but it ended up with nothing going out.
In this way, it seems that it was by chance that up to two 7 happened.

And I also played Slot Angel. First we could choose either an angel or a devil, so we chose the devil and rotated it.
I tried it for about 10 minutes, but it was difficult to understand the specification because it was confusing to arrange it besides it.

If you arrange five, you get a big hit and you can see that it leads to a large amount of profit, but it seems that it takes a considerable amount of time to get it. It is a good part to be displayed in Japanese, but it took me some time to make profits, so I felt it was not suitable for me.

Jackpot Jester thinks that if a strong luck player plays, it is possible to make a rush. However, as long as there is luck, I feel like it is not suitable for playing solidly.