Have you ever played in a casino?
If you live in a country prohibited by law, you may have played when traveling abroad.
Depending on the country, there are places where the law itself for “online casino” does not exist.

If access to your online casino site from your country is not blocked, you can play it.

You can play online casino using the internet.
You can play with the same feeling as playing overseas casino.
You can increase it by betting money and playing.


It is not well known

Online casinos are famous abroad.

You can play money by betting on online casinos, or you can play as a practice to go to a casino overseas.



Slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat etc.
It is only games that beginners who do not understand rules can enjoy.

This time, I will introduce recommended site of online casino which even beginners can enjoy with confidence.

Precautions when choosing an online casino

1.Site with country support

There are countries that introduce licensing system when operating online casino.
You can play with peace of mind if it is proved by the country.

2.English correspondence

Some online casinos support English, so I think we can play with confidence when there is a problem.

3.Information should be gathered on the website

Look at the program and twitter who have actually played on-line casino
I think that the probability of choosing a dangerous online casino will be reduced if you refer.


Before you play online casino, be sure to check these three points.
Unfortunately, among online casinos playing online, there are frauds that do not withdraw money. If you do not check the information, you will be caught in unexpected troubles.


Do not forget that dangers exist in overseas online casinos.

When you play, you should know exactly what the web site is receiving.

Recommended online casinos are here …

Recommended online casino ranking

.VeraJohn Casino

VeraJohn Casino is the number 1 online casino site recommended for beginners.
You can experience casino games for free, so if you are a beginner it’s best to remember game rules.



This is an online casino site for advanced users.
If you target a lot of money, it is Jackpot City Casino.

.LuckyNiki Casino

It is a topic “Otaku” online casino.
The main character “Niki” supports various games.

In overseas online casinos, you can deposit and withdraw using net banks such as Entropay and Ecopayz.


The withdrawal method is different depending on the site you use.

Since the withdrawal method used by the site is different, please confirm the method on each site.

My online casino experience story

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What is an online casino?

Online casinos are a kind of gambling that is played on the net, which is accessible from all over the world and playable from anywhere.

The casino may be prohibited by law by the country, but it may not exist that there is law to access overseas sites on the net and play.

In that case, it is said that it is practically problematic to play with overseas sites itself.

If you download the software to the PC you are using, online casinos can play in real time as long as the Internet is connected.

Actual stories of online casinos

I hoped for an environment where I could enjoy gambling anytime 24 hours and began using online casinos.
I tried to start from an online casino that seems to be safe from the fact that it is an overseas service, but after comparing and examining using services of various on-line casinos, I tried to register more than once in order to use a good place It was.

Among the on-line casinos that began using multiple, Wild Jungle Casino was cited as a site I recommended, and I used it as a main online casino until two years ago.

I am primarily a slot game, but I can also enjoy real-time roulettes and card games that can not beat the real casino.
I am a rushless thinking, so I am trying to win big in the slot, and I am playing around the slot game where there is a jackpot.

Games you can play with Wild Jungle Casino

There are various kinds of slot games with jackpots that can be played at the Wild Jungle Casino and there are things that can be enjoyed for a long time, from small ones to large ones, so you can choose various ways to enjoy.

Since I want to earn a lot of profits with less investment, I am playing something with fewer lines and lower minimum bets, so I can say that I am winning in total.

Strategy for winning online casino

The reason I’m winning is not I’m lucky, but the location of the service at the Wild Jungle Casino may be great.
At the Wild Jungle Casino every month we do some campaign, so you can play with more money than you have because there are bonuses that you can afford regardless of the deposit amount and bonus according to the deposit amount.
Therefore, even if we lose, there are many things more than the total amount we deposited, so we can play without losing a lot.

In addition, there are times when you will back the lost amount as it is, so you can play with a margin.

You may be able to play without getting too hot and have an environment that you can fully enjoy as play. I am using the wild jungle casino for work end and holidays, but I am very satisfied because I can do it at any time without worrying about time. It is an online casino that you can enjoy with confidence because there is a jackpot winning experience even though it is small. If you are suffering from choosing an online casino, you may want to register for the time being.

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